Our History


Etienne Boileau, Christian Simon and William Nahan grouped their operations and combined their skills on June 30, 1987, creating the G.A.E.C Domaine du Chardonnay. At that time, the Domaine had a surface area of 11 hectares of vines, 9 of which were in production, plus 80 hectares of cereals.


The Domaine doubles its vineyard. It produces Petit Chablis, Chablis and five Chablis Premiers Crus. It is also the year of the hiring of the first employee.


In a year of very heavy spring frosts, only half of the estate's harvest was saved.


The Domaine abandons cereal growing to devote itself to viticulture. The G.A.E.C. is equipped with protections against frost and heating systems


The Domaine du Chardonnay has made huge investments in terms of wine-making autonomy: acquisition of mechanical presses, complete installation of vats... From then on, the entire harvest is vinified at the Domaine by the know-how of its creators. The beginnings of the marketing in bottles of the harvest will be crowned with success with a first gold medal at the Concours Générale Agricole de Paris.


The domain acquires an almost complete autonomy by equipping itself with a perfected bottling unit. Since then, it has continued to develop its marketing in bottles.


The year is marked by the purchase of two pneumatic presses Willemes in order to improve the oenological quality and the comfort of the employees.


At the Concours Générale Agricole, the estate was awarded three gold medals for its three controlled appellations of origin, Petit Chablis, Chablis and Chablis Premier Cru.


Once again awarded, the Domaine du Chardonnay confirms its know-how. Fifteen employees now work at the estate. The installation of modern air conditioning and thermoregulation is started, with the constant objective of improving quality.


The three historical partners have retired but the succession is assured... It is now Arnaud NAHAN and Thomas LABILLE who manage the Domaine with many new projects.

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